I am an immigration action voter. I stand for a strong economy, families, opportunity, compassion, neighbors, and safe communities. We stand against mass deportation.

I stand for A strong economy
I stand for Families
I stand for Opportunity
I stand for Compassion
I stand for Neighbors
Safe communities
We stand against mass deportation

I am an immigration voter!

11 Million Stories

“11 Million Stories” shows in gripping detail what would happen to our country if mass deportation were to become the law of the land. Each episode tackles the devastating effects of deportation on various sectors of society.

Sophie Cruz tells the story of how her family would be ripped apart. Heriberto talks about the devastation of the agriculture industry. Hina explains how horrible the police state would become and Michelle makes us look back at our history imploring us not to make the same mistakes again.

“11 Million Stories” shines a light on the ugly truth of mass deportation.


Your voice is powerful

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